How my children forced me to adopt DevOps at home, and how it helped at work, too

DevOps is the result of applying lean principles to the technology value stream. It didn’t start in the world of software development and it will not stop there. Its principles can be applied to different kinds of value creation processes to provide better results faster.

In this session, I’ll take you on a journey into how applying DevOps principles at home helped keeping order and reducing chaos. The same ideas and methodology helped us to move our AWS based water security platform from a 6-weeks-deployment schedule with a lot of manual steps, handoffs, mistakes and hot fixes to fully automated deployment pipeline with many quality gates, automated tests and one-click-deployment all the way down to production.

Although tools like GitHub Actions, AWS CDK and SonarQube played a key role in the transition, the actual changes were much deeper. To create a DevOps culture we changed everything about how we think, how we structure our teams, how we plan and communicate. Not to neglect how we structure out code, test and release our software to our customers.



Moukarram Kabbash

Moukarram works as Principal Architect at SURU, where he’s responsible for building IoT systems for water security and water waste prevention. He’s mainly interested in cloud computing, serverless, ...