Go GreenOps or Go Home

Today, the public cloud is ubiquitous - unlimited scalability, reliability and the promises of low costs are undoubtedly appealing for any company to pursue. For this reason, spend on public cloud services continues to grow almost exponentially. However, the public cloud is still just the server of another company. Almost 3% of today’s global energy consumption is used by data centres, the number of which is growing and continuing to increase contribution to climate change. Consequently, the ubiquitous public cloud is becoming a more significant part of a growing problem. To combat this, public cloud providers have acted to extend their so-called “Shared Responsibility Models” to include Sustainability as a key theme. Cloud customers are now responsible for optimising their workloads and resource utilisation with regards to their carbon emissions. As their green mindset expands to cloud infrastructure and applications, best practices are constantly under development.

This sessions covers how people in technical roles can contribute to reducing their company’s public cloud environmental footprint in their daily work. Vanessa demonstrates how you can take a leading role in creating a GreenOps mindset within your company culture, catalysing its journey to carbon neutrality.



Vanessa Kantner

Vanessa is a Manager leading the FinOps topic within Liquid Reply. She works with many different clients, from SMEs to large corporations in the insurance and automotive industry, developing and ...