The Database Trends That Are Transforming Your Database Infrastructure Forever

Open source software is the defacto standard for many new applications, this is especially true in the database industry. Currently, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Elastic, and others have shown up in every industry and organization in the world in some form or another. People are no longer choosing a single database for the company, they are letting developers and architects choose the best database for the job.

This has led to an increase in the number of technologies operations teams have to support. Couple that increases in technologies with a growing micro-service ( or cloud-native ) development paradigm where every service has its own database and where all the data is valuable.

Let’s talk about the trends and tell you what you need to know about how to manage the new multi-verse of data.



David Stokes

Dave Stokes is a Technology Evangelist for Percona Corporation and the author of MySQL & JSON - A Practical Programming guide.