Cloud-Native Foundations: An Interactive Envoy Proxy Workshop

Envoy Proxy is the foundational layer for much of the innovations propelling the Kubernetes community forward, including service mesh and cloud-native API gateways, just to name a couple. For many practitioners though, Envoy itself is a black-box. We all understand that it is important and foundational, but it often remains one level below our thoughtful consideration.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a hands-on workshop that will help to fill those gaps in our understanding of Envoy. We will explore first principles regarding Envoy architecture, filter chains, and a day-in-the-life of an Envoy request. Then we will put those principles to work in a hands-on fashion. Every user will have access to a compute environment via the Instruqt platform. From there we will explore the life of a request interactively – path matching, authNZ, and request routing – and use standard Envoy tools like metrics and access logging to debug real-world problems.

Not only will the user walk away from this workshop with a better understanding of Envoy itself, but also a more complete top-to-bottom perspective of popular technologies that rely on it, like Istio service mesh and a number of modern API gateways.

In addition, a Solo-sponsored, Credly-managed “Fundamentals for Envoy” badge will be issued to workshop participants who choose to take and pass a certification exam offered at the end of the session. Both the certification exam and the badge are free.



Jim Barton

Jim Barton is a Field Engineer for whose enterprise software career spans 30 years. He has enjoyed roles as a project engineer, sales and consulting engineer, product development manager, and ...