Our Future Is Back to Our Roots: Evolving Our SDLC with No-Code DevOps and Environments-on-Demand

IMPORTANT: Bring your own laptop with the following installed:

Implementing DevOps tasks, especially related to the release process, is complex and meticulous. The conversations we all have are deep and full of technical detail about today’s stack. Yet, the core concerns have not changed in 50 years: we care about memory, CPU, replicas, global location, versions and dependency compatibility, environments, configuration, and performance. Same stuff they cared about in 1979. Today’s conversations don’t make you think we’ve got much in common at all. Those elements are abstractions, because today, despite our powerful tools, we have our hands on every piece of the puzzle.

However, we are at a very interesting time in tech. We have some colorful playing pieces we can put on the board (cloud, containers, scripted infrastructure, SaaS models, scale). Let’s see what happens when you add together these ingredients:

  1. The No-Code Directive
  2. Environments on Demand
  3. Config on deploy
  4. Container Orchestration
  5. Strategized Routing New workflows and communications develop. And new opportunities arise.

There are implications in the development cycles, in QA communications and app promotions, in release planning and sprint releases. And there’s opportunities to enhance our cultures as we work together in new ways.

Join us for this workshop and we’ll walk through some of these new patterns and investigate their implications, and what they can do for us as a team and as individuals.



Mark Freydl

With over 25 years of team management and software development, Mark is a software entrepreneur with a background in enterprise architecture, application framework design, cloud application design, ...