The curious case of the DevOps engineer and other things we've gotten wrong about DevOps!

If the speaker had a dime for everytime she heard the term, “DevOps engineer” she’d have been a millionaire and probably quit tech by now. But sadly, neither of that seems to be happening anytime soon just as these myths around DevOps that don’t seem to be going away. With “DevOps meaning” ranking third on Google search results even after a decade-ish of it being around, it’s sad that there’s very less clarity and a LOT of misinformation around this methodology. Which is why, this talk. Hopefully, at the end of this session the audience will walk away with the knowledge that DevOps is not a magic wand. But more importantly, the speaker hopes this to be the spark for further conversations on how we can make the onboarding for this particular discipline more accessible for beginners.



Divya Mohan

A documentation ninja with SUSE at her day job, Divya Mohan has 8 years of systems engineering expertise under her belt (or what could be called a belt before the pandemic). Over the course of her ...