Decentralising electricity - solving the energy crisis with... blockchain?

Whenever we are faced with a technical challenge we don’t quite know how to solve, 99% of the time the answer is NOT blockchain. But what if you hit that magical 1% where it actually is?

Well, it probably still isn’t but there are useful things we can learn from distributed, decentralised infrastructure. So lets see what happens when we apply some of those ideas to the biggest, dirtiest, least flexible (and most important) network in the country - the National Grid.

Can we decentralise, democratise, decarbonise our power generation? And can we make millions in dogecoin whilst doing it? (no)



Jennifer Mackown

Jennifer leads the not-so-small-anymore software engineering team at myenergi, a company that makes cool gadgets (and even cooler software) to help people make the optimise their use of renewable ...