Who’s looking out for us?! A cautionary tale of BURNOUT and Recovery

“You’re a ROCKSTAR” “AMAZING WORK” “WOW you must never sleep” “Can you take this on? Yes? Great!”

“When will you finish it?” “Are you done yet?” “What’s taking so long?”

Burnout is a slow-burn to slightly destructive tendencies. We strive so much to be our best selves, and deliver the best work we can. Sometimes we push ourselves to extremes we sometimes cannot even fathom but more importantly, we forget the consequences of what’s next… Burnout. What happens when we approach and arrive at burnout?

  • physical exhaustion
  • mental capacity has been reached
  • sleeping and eating patterns change
  • lack of motivation and drive
  • isolation, feeling alone, and lost
  • procrastination
  • coping mechanisms
  • self-doubt, lack of self-worthiness
  • feeling defeated

Allow me take you through a story of immense burnout and how I recovered, and then proceeded to face burnout again and decided I needed to make a change for the better.



Marino Wijay

Marino leads the Developer Relations and Advocacy team at Solo.io. He is passionate about technology and modern distributed systems. He will always fall back to the patterns of Networking and the ways ...