Building Personal Resilience: Using self care, awareness and personal leadership to navigate a new world where life’s challenges and careers converge.

The song “ we didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel talks about how we didn’t light the fire in this world, it was already there. Well, we have had quite a fire recently the past few years. The stress we carry varies depending on our personal experiences and circumstances. One thing is clear. It is impossible to pause those emotions and feelings and just work. People are leaving their jobs at a historic rate. They want more not just from work but from life. They want to be heard. They want to be themselves at work. They want someone to listen to them.

This talk is focused on you, the audience. You spend so much time learning new things. New languages, tools, technologies. How much time do you spend on yourself? This is now time for you to sit back, listen, absorb and just think about how to take care of yourself and your career. .

Building personal resilience takes some time and I will go over some key ideas to help people build up this capability.

Re-Envision your career path based on strengths, experiences and dreams. Identify potential burnout and what you can do to improve your situation Build a support network (mentors, coaches, personal board of directors) Creating space for mindfulness (multiple ways to practice)

Focusing on yourself is one of the best investments you can make. These tools and practices will help you become more self-aware of where you are today, identify some potential next steps and be more resilient to life’s challenges.



Chuck Mountz Jr

Chuck is a Director of Infrastructure Engineering in the Cloud Center of Excellence at Fannie Mae. Chuck has led various teams over his 10+ years leading teams in technology including product teams ...