Overcoming the 7 Deadly Antipattern Sins! (from identification to remediation!)

Agile is supposed to be a more effective way for creating incremental value and delivering with a faster time to market…right?! So why does our Team have too many meetings, unable to demo each sprint, and simply have low morale? Most likely, there’s an antipattern (or more!) inhibiting our ability to be an effective Team! No Team intends to start off on the wrong foot and everyone has best intentions…so how did we get to this state? Let’s put on our detective hats and uncover some antipatterns!

This talk demonstrates that we are not alone when it comes to experiencing antipatterns impacting Team morale and predictability. This can happen to any Team if we’re not careful at the start.

We’ll discuss each ‘deadly sin’ and learn how to:

  • Recognize symptoms (from personnel issues to inability to deliver value)
  • Understand typical root causes (usually started with positive intent)
  • Implement action items (from feedback loops to drive positive outcomes!)

To name just a few of the antipatterns to resolve will yield the following, positive outcomes:

  • Elimination of Team ‘Managers’ results in managers becoming more strategic with Teams self-organizing!
  • Eliminating overpromising by not paying attention to WIP results in improved, Team predictability and less micromanagement! -Eliminating ‘waterfalling our sprints’ results in smaller, yet deliverable increments of value, thereby reducing the overall risk usually associated with a big bang approach!

At the end of the discussion, attendees can return to their teams with a toolkit of new behaviors to confidently identify antipatterns, understand the pathway (i.e., set of Actions) to remediate, and outcomes to expect.


Stan Malinowski

Coach who enjoys busting the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mantra!

Leverages education & experiences to ‘keep it simple’ with the Client.

  • With an MBA, has experience cultivating agility