Build Better, Build Faster: How to Transform DevOps for Quality at Speed.

DevOps accelerates the transformation of organizations with emerging combinations with other practices such as SRE, recognized as sharing the same philosophy.

But our known paradigm of DevOps must evolve for the digital transformation.

The various State of DevOps reports from Google, Puppet, CircleCI, Dynatrace, among others share similar findings in our ecosystem:

  • Difficulties to bring business value and innovation on-time
  • Siloed teams and lack of end-to-end enterprise alignment
  • Fragmented toolchain complex to automate and scale
  • Recurring sacrifice of code quality due to external forces
  • Suffering from overwhelming manual tasks.

The present of DevOps is therefore not enough—requiring an evolved future.

The future of DevOps is more business-driven, accelerated, secured and reliable with AgileOps, APIs, serverless microservices, self-service platform, DevSecOps, Observability.

The future of DevOps requires transforming DevOps to deliver Quality at Speed, capturing the value of “Build Better, Build Faster”.

This talk will share how DevOps is going to evolve to deliver Quality at Speed.



Antoine Craske


Founder and organizer of the QE Unit. Truly convinced that transversal collaborations with a holistic perspective enable to build valuable digital organizations. Passionate about architecture,