Technical Documentation - How to Write It Better and Why Should I Care?

Major pains in systems handover, onboarding new employees, debugging dark sides of code, and answering “why” and “how” questions occur when we lack well-written technical documentation.

In this talk, I’ll show you a structured way to write great technical docs, without being a technical writer, so you will deliver highly valuable content to your audience. I’ll explain why you should care about these docs and how they serve your best interests (yes, there are quite a few).

From personal and collective ramp-up, through career development and the ability to impact your surroundings - technical writing is the skill to achieve your goals.



Naomi Kriger


Naomi is a Software Engineer, technical blogger, and public speaker.

In her free time, she volunteers as a co-leader of a community for junior engineers and researchers and devotes time for ad-hoc