devopsdays Portugal - Volunteer

An event like this requires a good deal of effort, especially on the event day. The organizing team are all volunteers and we need a few more volunteers to help out with the event. As a volunteer, you are expected to help the organization team whenever the need arises, in order to deliver a great event.

  • We would like to have a stable volunteers team, so we will give preference to candidates that are available both days.
  • We will provide a volunteer ticket type to each selected volunteer in order to attend the conference in the day(s) that is helping. However, keep in mind that your priority #1 is to help to organize the event.
  • Also, for the volunteers that can join us both days, we have an invite for the Speakers’ dinner (Monday, 26th).

Beyond that, you can expect to see most of the talks and participate in the Open Spaces.

(volunteer signup is now closed)