Think you´re buying DevOps? Think again!

This talk is inspired in the blog post “Think you’re doing DevOps? Think again” by Derek Langone (XebiaLabs CEO). Big companies have colossal budgets, they can hire the best professionals in world, they can buy the best tools in the market. Guess what!? It’s not enough. You can’t just buy culture. You can’t just buy DevOps. In his book, Mirco Hering dedicates his first chapter to the “ecosystem”, that’s not random. The right ecosystem is really hard to build, maintain, and very easy to lose it. Organizations need to have a kind of gardeners that help to flourish and maintain the right ecosystem where the practices, values and DevOps culture can grow. Mirco Hering called them change managers, I prefer the term change enabler. One of my missions was to support teams relieving the delivery pain, inflicted by agile methods, by helping them to identify the different kinds of work they do (so they can improve how the work is managed), identifying the dependencies that the team have to manage, making quality a priority and not a someone else problem, teaching them how to measure the improvement or degradation with key metrics, and probably one of the most important capabilities – building the deployment pipeline that correctly represents the flow of changes since de first line of code until production. As a “change enabler” I have explored different strategies and ways to encourage the ecosystem learning to learn (overcoming the fear of failing).



Eduardo Piairo

Biz Operations Manager @ Deeper Insights enjoys building software, bureaucracy, and communities. The pipeline is his favorite technical and cultural tool. InsertAnythingHereOps approach enthusiast.