Why Developer Platforms and Developer Experience are a must-have when scaling up fast!

Big Tech has long understood that first-class infrastructure, platforms, and a great developer experience are essential to achieve business outcomes at scale. But, instead, growing companies and established enterprises face conflicts making the appropriate investment and, as a result, struggle to scale their engineering teams and processes. In this talk, we will look at the role of internal developer platforms and teams, developer experience (DX), and the unfair advantage they uniquely enable for software companies. We’ll start building the business case for their adoption, we’ll review the metrics for their success, and we’ll do a deep dive on how to create one of these platforms following the best practices learned in years of work with large enterprises.



Federico Fregosi

Experienced engineering leader with a strong interest in distributed, highly-scalable and cloud-based systems. Currently at Contino as VP of Engineering where he oversees a team of 150+ highly ...