How DevOps Metrics Will Transform Your Business

DevOps metrics are about more than just understanding how well you perform, they help identify areas of improvement in your software development pipeline. Elite developer teams will often use data-driven approaches to ship software faster and more reliably whilst preventing burnout.

This talk will provide a primer on the key frameworks for DevOps metrics and how you can use metrics with Theory of Constraints to improve software delivery in your organisation. This talk will also include real-world case-studies of how companies have achieved continuous improvement using a data-driven approach.

This talk will start from the beginning and lay the foundations for understanding why DORA metrics and Value Stream metrics really help deliver outstanding business performance. The goal of this talk is to provide the tools that every engineering leader needs to assess and improve their own DevOps performance.



Junade Ali

Junade Ali is a British computer scientist and software engineer. After working as an engineering manager for many years, Junade now consults with some of the highest-performing engineering teams ...