You Probably Don't Need Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a great piece of technology. It is probably the de-facto container orchestrator for most people using container orchestrators. There is a huge demand for it as well as a lot of interest from businesses to move to Kubernetes.

Like anything that is new and hip, there will always be more want for something than there is need for it. Kubernetes is no different. Everyone “wants” the new cool thing. But how many “need” it? Are we adding more complexity to our system than the intended benefit?

In this talk I will try to look beyond the hype and explain why you probably don’t need Kubernetes.



Mofizur Rahman


Mofizur Rahman (@moficodes) is a Developer Advocate at Google in GKE. His favorite programming language these days is Go. He also tinkers with Node, Python and Java. He is also learning and teaching