WebAssembly in a Database? Don’t Mind if I do!

As the volume and intensity of data increases, so does the complexity of data-driven workloads. If the platform does not provide a compute capability, then data is often copied into separate environments. Data movement adds cost, complexity, governance challenges, and reduces performance. In this talk, Bailey will discuss allowing the developer to push custom procedures and capabilities into modern database engines via the use of a WebAssembly (WASM) runtime. Bailey will walk through what she believes to be the biggest reasons why developers should consider using WebAssembly in a database including:* Eliminate data movement* Bring compute to the data* Fast execution* Security* Use the tools you knowFinally, she will look at various kinds of procedures a developer might want to push into a distributed database and how it compares to third party solutions such as Python or Spark.



Bailey Hayes

Bailey Hayes is a Principal Software Engineer at SingleStore. She believes the future is in distributed systems and WebAssembly (WASM). Her daily activities include wrangling microservices, finding ...