Enhanced Agility and Simplification the Cloud Native Way

Successful technology is any technology that has the agility to support lines of business that are constantly in flux. Successful businesses are businesses that rapidly respond and adapt to changes in the market. In a microservices architecture, it is not practical to change application code in every single microservice each time that the business is expecting a surge in traffic or when marketing needs to do some AB testing. Real agility lies in the ability to offload work from the application to the infrastructure. During this session we look at an open source application that was built to support a real business need and how it was constructed.What you’ll learn:- Overview of application Architecture and Environment- Customized and optimized deployment the application and infrastructure through Helm- The CICD Pipeline to consistently deliver safe and tested code directly into production - Delegating security responsibilities to Istio- Application overview and how to leverage these techniques to adapt to constantly changing business requirements



Casey Wylie

Casey is a Kubernetes architect living and working in Raleigh working in distributed cloud systems. Also, really loves eating craft mac n cheese.He recently rejoined the ranks Red Hat after spending ...