Continuous Previews - A Navy SEAL's Approach to Supercharging the Magic in Team-based Software Development

Great software is the product of great teamwork. For all the automation in a DevOps world problem-solving magic happens when your team is collaborating effectively towards a common goal. So how do we get more problem-solving magic?If anything, the magic of teamwork is getting harder and more rare. We’re in a remote-first world - it’s not as easy as it once was to walk over to a teammate and ask them to take a look at what we’re working on. We’re not having the conversations we once had around the proverbial water-cooler, at-lunch, or passing in the hallway. How do we improve our processes and technology to:-Restore Collaboration-Get More Collaboration-Improve Collaboration-Achieve Seamless CollaborationThe Answer: Continuous Previews for the Full-StackWe need to take the siloed development work that lives on our local machine - reproduce it in the cloud - and make it readily accessible, in a timely manner, for the team members who need to preview it. It shouldn’t just be limited to front-ends, we should be previewing against our full-stack. Does this look right? Does this function correctly? Can I connect to the in-progress version of the API?And we need to do it in an automated way, in a seamless way, in a way that doesn’t create additional burdens for the development team or involve costly context switching. What is this going to do for us?-Catch issues early-Iterate Quickly-Avoid merging Dirty Code into “main”-Improve Team VelocitySo how can we do it? To conclude this talk I’ll demonstrate how we can use the automation provided by Uffizzi Open Source to take a “docker-compose.yml” that we run locally, extend that configuration, and be able to create pull request-triggered previews of a microservices application on any Kubernetes cluster. Who should attend this talk?Any Developer, DevOps and/or Ops engineers who build, deploy and manage applications. Product leaders, designers, and team members who contribute to a software product. Leaders who oversee software products.



Josh Thurman

Author of the Continuous Previews Manifesto, Head of DevRel at Uffizzi, and highly decorated Navy SEAL who leverages his experience leading high performing teams to help organizations improve how they ...