Nobody Puts Database in the Corner - Applying DevOps Principles to Our Database

We have come so far since the birth of DevOps! The fundamental importance of practices such as CI/CD, automation, fast feedback loops, source control, everything as code, and iterative/small-batch development is now commonly accepted among engineers, IT professionals, and business leaders. But what about the database? Even in programs with established DevOps practices, tools, methods, and culture, changes to databases and the data within them cause bottlenecks. Applying DevOps principles to our databases is complicated, but doesn’t that mean it’s exactly where we should be focusing our efforts?Using the ideas outlined in The DevOps Handbook (second edition) by Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis, Karen will combine her experience in DevOps and Databases to illustrate where these bottlenecks present themselves and what we can do to apply DevOps ideas to better integrate our data friends into our software development and delivery flows. We will look at both technical and people/cultural-related challenges. Plan on taking away at least one actionable item to test and improve in your software development and delivery process. We"ll empathize with each other about the pain caused by integrating data and database changes and hopefully make each other laugh a bit, too.



Karen Taggart

Karen Taggart, Technical Product Owner at Liquibase, is a proud data and DevOps geek who advocates fiercely for continuous improvement, customer-centered strategy, open source software, and ...