Everything as Code - A DevOps Primer

I am proposing doing an Ignite talk on treating Everything As Code. In 2019 I finally forced myself to use GitHub more as it was critical for my customers to also embrace DevOps and develop Chef Code (Infrastructure and Compliance as Code.) I wanted to be able to help them better understand some basic fundamentals of Development since many were coming from a purely Server / Application Operations culture and environment. I myself came from that Server Administrator culture and understood how difficult it can be for some folks to use GitHub (or any repository.) I made the decision one day to just treat EVERYTHING as code. I started with our documentation in moving our customer facing and team documentation and created everything in markdown with Docusaurus to generate our webpage. For personal and day to day work I moved to using GitHub Issues in markdown and tracking work with Projects. I moved my daily notes from OneNote to a repo specific for my notes and everything in markdown.



Mike Butler

“DevOps Enthusiast since 2016, space nerd and currently Sr. Sales Engineer at Progress for Chef Software. Mike has seen all sides of the Coded Enterprise, being the product owner for Chef at a ...