Workshop - Getting Started with Istio Service Mesh

Microservices can be complicated and difficult to manage. These complexities have given rise to a new solution called service mesh. Istio is the most dominant service mesh in production today per a CNCF survey in late 2020. This workshop explains how to get started with Istio by incrementally adopting Istio and observing the benefits that Istio service mesh brings to you. We will explore various functions and benefits that Istio provides to your organization. We cover the following topics in this workshop:- Install Istio- Secure services with Istio Ingress Gateway- Add Services to the Mesh- Secure interservices communication with Istio- Control TrafficTarget AudiencesThis workshop is intended for developers and operators. Anyone responsible for the delivery of microservices will find the workshop valuable. We assume you are just learning about Istio and service mesh.



Will McKinley

Will McKinley is a Field Engineer for Will has been in tech for over 25 years in various capacities including software engineering, management, DevOps evangelist, and architect. He has been ...eric-murphy

Eric Murphy

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