What Romance Stories Taught me about Incident Management

Incident Management is the process of effectively responding to outages and incidents in your service with minimal further disruption to the users of the service. In romantic stories these culminating incidents are usually more personal and misunderstanding related. As an avid reader and consumer of romantic stories and a former SRE in charge of responding to incidents, Ajuna Kyaruzi will go over what she’s learnt about how to handle (or not handle) incidents from reading romance novels. Ajuna will cover when to call an incident, how to communicate the status of the incident to interested parties, and why all incidents (romantic or otherwise) need a postmortem.



Ajuna Kyaruzi

Ajuna Kyaruzi works in Developer Relations at Datadog and cares about using software to help people sustainably run large-scale systems, focusing on Incident Managements and SLOs. She loves community ...