Reduce the Cost of Kubernetes by over 80% with a Service Mesh

While running Kubernetes in the cloud offers many benefits, controlling the cost of your clusters can be challenging. By leveraging features of managed Kubernetes clusters such as Spot VM nodes and advanced autoscaling, costs can be reduced by over 80%, even for clusters with high resource utilization.

Yet, additional resiliency must be added for your applications to remain fully available during cluster scaling and node replacement cycles. A service mesh will add resiliency and help your keep your applications online while maximizing the cost reduction mechanisms for Kubernetes.

In this talk, you will learn how reducing costs by over 80% is possible using Istio service mesh running on Kubernetes in a major cloud provider.



Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy is the Practice Lead for’s Consulting team. Eric has experience working with customers large and small on Kubernetes, application development, API gateways, and service mesh ...