Mediating Your Own Conflicts: Using Conflict Fluency Skills to Banish Imposter Syndrome

There is some debate brewing about Imposter Syndrome (IS): does it happen only to folx from underrepresented groups?; is it “normal” anxiety?; is it inside your head or might there be external forces at play? We will touch on this debate, as well as the intersection of IS and systemic and societal DEI issues. Whether you personally relate to IS and the conflicts it can create, or if you believe the issues are pervasive within our systems themselves - wherever it’s coming from - you are dealing with the conflicts and you can do something about it! Through an introduction to conflict fluency, attendees will learn new tools and perspectives to better understand and manage conflicts (both internal and external). And, by proactively working to practice conflict fluency skills, you can create more equitable, supportive, and inclusive spaces…and help to banish Imposter Syndrome once and for all.



Noelle Notermann

Dr. Noelle Notermann is a DevOps Engineer supporting enterprise services and ERP software at the University of Minnesota, where she previously served as a full-stack developer with focus areas in Ruby ...