One evolution of the Network Engineer Role


Explore what happens when a business grows, and the role of the network becomes critical: you have more servers to connect, more data to transport, more services reliant on each other. You can’t afford to provide a bad experience to your customers, nor “throw more people at the problem” to solve it

You have to move fast and be reliable in today’s world — even when sharks eat your fiber cables.

Your knowledge and skills will be the tools to approach the growth, but you will deal with never-seen-before challenges — including esoteric ones. You will also begin to realise that 1% means thousands, millions or hundreds of millions of people, and indeed, you won’t have time for manual fixes.

We identified common knowledge and skill gaps that Network Engineers have when faced with the challenge of operating a large-scale network. We will explain why they are important and give an approach to bridging them to prepare for a future ahead. Talk will explore how we are evolved the role of the Network Engineer at Meta to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.



Jose Leitao

Production Network Engineer @ Facebook

Jose Leitao is a production network engineer in the Network org at Facebook. His team’s responsibilities include maintaining, monitoring, and improving the


Elena Sanchez


Engineering Manager & Program Lead @ Meta

Elena is an engineering manager at Meta. She’s responsible for running Meta’s Rotational Network Engineering Program globally. She focuses on