Secure your code like NASA


Security as Code (SaC) is the methodology of codifying security tests, scans, and policies. Security is implemented directly into the CI/CD pipeline to automatically and continuously detect security vulnerabilities. Adopting SaC tightly couples application development with security and vulnerability management, while simultaneously enabling developers to focus on core features and functionality. More importantly, it improves the collaboration between Development and Security teams and helps nurture a culture of security across the organization.

In this session we will review the lessons learnt from NASA’s Ingenuity mission to Mars to understand how automation and Security as Code (SaC) helped humanity move forward. Good news is that you can secure your code in the same way!



Joseph Katsioloudes


Developer Advocate @ GitHub

Joseph Katsioloudes makes cyber security easy for developers as part of his role at GitHub Security Lab. He chose this career path because cyber was his own way, from a