DevOps in a Software and Hardware Development Environment


Given the requirements for stable operation in heterogeneous environments along with continuous development, DevOps has become an integral part of most software and hardware projects.

Methods like Scrum, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and various tools from the DevOps toolbox - Azure DevOps, Jenkins and Docker - enable us to react flexibly to the needs of our customers. Nevertheless, the implementation of DevOps brings about a constant learning curve and change for us. Especially in combined hardware and software development projects, where firmware must be integrated into business processes, the focus on mastering the topic of DevOps is a crucial factor.

Oliver Götz, project manager, uses the example of project SMARTPOWER to explain how this works. Noser Engineering develops – as the project name indicates – a smart metering system, “SMARTPOWER,” for EVUlution AG. This involves the capture and processing of consumption and production data of different media (e.g. electricity, water, gas) in households and industries using next generation meters, so-called ‘smart meters.’

The application development of the cloud solution MSP (Management System Platform), the hardware development of the “Smart Manager” IoT device and the development of the embedded and real-time solution for the Smart Manager require precise coordination between various internal and external development teams. The solution is already in use by several energy supply companies as well as their customers, and the continuous acquisition of new customers results in new feature requirements. And that’s where DevOps is a mission-critical component.

We’d like to provide insights into:

  • how DevOps can be defined using the SMARTPOWER project as an example
  • how CI/CD optimizes development using the example of embedded and real-time solutions
  • what opportunities and challenges DevOps brings from a project manager’s point of view



Oliver Goetz


Project Manager @ Noser Engineering AG

Oliver is a person with great passion for transformation and change. With a background in industrial engineering, he has vast experience in project and project