Goodbye template files! Using CDKs to migrate from IaC to Infrastructure as Software


The talk will be focused on the recent introduction of Cloud Development Kit tools.

These enable engineers to make use of general purpose programming languages to provision infrastructure, as opposed to provisioning and managing infrastructure via graphical user interfaces, command line interfaces, or template files (such as ARM or CloudFormation yaml/json files).

A consequence of this is the progression from Infrastructure As Code to Infrastructure As Software, offering a host of benefits in a DevOps world.

Topics covered in the talk include:

  • Introduction and brief history of cloud infrastructure
  • Overview of Cloud Development Kit tools
  • Benefits of using a general-purpose programming language to provision cloud infrastructure
  • CDKs: Even better for DevOps!
  • We’ve already provisioned infrastructure manually – what’s the best way to move to an IaC model?
  • Sample application demo



Tshiamo Komane


DevOps Solutions Developer @ DVT

I’m a DevOps solutions developer from South Africa - previously a full stack engineer but now specializing in DevOps (engineering and leadership).

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