AKS unlighted, but what about Compliancy, cost and Multi-tenancy?

The business case from City of Amsterdam is to overcome the challenges in setting up Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in such a way that it is secure, cost control, multi-tenant and compliant with the local government regulations. The goal is to empower the workload teams with the latest technology and the DevOps way of working. On their journey, the Cloud-Ops and Workload teams concluded that it isn’t just enabling “AKS”. It also requires a lot of management and Kubernetes knowledge, which is currently not present by most of the workload teams.

Sharing a Real-life use case in setting up a Multi-tenant Kubernetes with experience out of the field in a complex environment which is limited by compliant government regulations. It is not just “enabling” AKS and you are finished.  This talk helps bring clarity to create a Multi-tenant Kubernetes Environment based on agentpools in a secure, segmented and compliance way to all your workload teams, facilitating them in the needed protected cloud environment and a self-service offering.

This solution is based on Azure Kubernetes Service, enriched with technologies like Nginx, Calico and Open Policy Agent.

In the end the environment is deployable by infrastructure as code pipelines, protected, compliant and gives the possibility to use the power of Kubernetes and the Public Cloud like scaling on demand. This gives the needed flexibility to the City of Amsterdam, to follow the OpenSource strategy, using the latest technology and implementing the DevOps way of working.



Dinant Paardenkooper

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