How we use Data to Ignite Action

Are you tired of having the same conversations, delivering “late” and being put under pressure to hit unachievable deadlines? In this session, I’ll walk through how we managed to change the conversation in a highly regulated, risk-averse, financial institution by introducing probabilistic forecasting and flow metrics as well as ditching wasteful estimations.

I’ll cover what you need to get started (very little!) and we’ll explore things I wish we knew when we started our journey. I’ll also be sharing some of the success stories we’ve seen, which include teams improving their ways of working based on data as well as critical decisions being made by stakeholders at the earliest possible opportunity rather than when we’ve missed an estimate.

Probabilistic forecasting has helped move our risk-averse stakeholders away from traditional and comfortable but ultimately higher-risk ways of working.



Julie Starling

Julie Starling is passionate about the efficient delivery of value to customers. In recent years she has specialized in how data can be used to drive the right conversations to do this. She encourages ...