Stop Chasing Unicorns and Rainbows: The Dangers of Survivorship Bias in Tech

Behind every successful tech unicorn are failed ventures, burned out IT professionals, and unseen struggles. However, that’s not what’s seen from the outside. It’s easy to get caught up in the promise of these tech companies’ high valuations and overnight success - the unicorns and rainbows - but this kind of thinking leads to the dangers of survivorship bias.

In this talk, we’ll explore the ways in which survivorship bias can distort our perceptions of what it takes to succeed in tech and discuss strategies for overcoming it. We’ll delve into the role that luck and external factors can play in success, and how to take a more realisticview of the path to success.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, tech professional, or just a dreamer, this talk will provide valuable insights to avoid the pitfalls of survivorship bias. Don’t get caught chasing unicorns and rainbows – join me to learn how to navigate the tech industry with an unbiased perspective.



Louëlla Creemers


Louëlla Creemers is a web developer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with a passion for .NET development. At this early stage of her career she’s also a successful content creator, teacher, blogger,