Planet Earth as our Stakeholder


This talk is about my journey as a Scrum Master towards creating sustainable DevOps teams. I will share my learnings and inspire the audience to raise awareness on sustainability in their own teams and organizations.


Climate change is a significant threat to the future of life on earth and as I was looking for ways to become more sustainable, the idea started to grow that at work, in my own DevOps teams, we could also take the sustainability perspective. I dove into the subject of sustainable IT and started with a ‘Planet as a Stakeholder Retrospective’ for my Scrum Team in which we went over the Principles of Green Software Engineering. We discussed what steps our team could take to reduce the carbon footprint of our services.

Taking the sustainability perspective was a new approach for the team, but everyone agreed on its importance. During that session, the team estimated that optimizing our landscape and decommissioning legacy components could reduce our footprint by a significant percentage!

Just imagine: what if all DevOps would do that? I started to give workshops about ‘the Planet as a Stakeholder’, in which I help teams to look at their IT services through the sustainability lens and let them define the first steps forward.

In this talk I will share my experiences: failures, challenges, successes, and examples of practical steps that teams have already taken to reduce their carbon footprint.



Marjolein Pilon

Marjolein is a freelance Scrum Master from the Netherlands, currently serving three teams at Rabobank. She loves to inspire other agile enthusiasts and writes blogs about creative team sessions she ...