Dude, where's my data [in k8s]?

Has Kubernetes become your new best friend for stateless apps, but when it comes to data, you’re still stuck in the quagmire of legacy environments? It’s time to step into the future, and we’ve got just the workshop to get you there! We’re talking HA, DR, and Backup – the holy trinity of data management. We’ll show you how to make your data-driven apps and stateless apps work together in a Kubernetes cluster. You’ll see how your data is highly available within your cluster using open source tools. You’ll perform DR failovers across clusters and get hands-on experience with backup tools for managing backup/restore across your entire Kubernetes estate.

So bring along your trusty laptop and we’ll bring the clusters!



Andrew Hill


Andrew Hill, currently a Cloud Native Field Engineer at Pure Storage, is a seasoned technologist who has worked in software engineering, support and sales. He has over two decades of experience in