To the Left, to the Left: All your Security Shifted to the Left

Secure software development is one of the highest demanded skills in 2023. Secure CI/CD pipelines. Writing secure code. Securing supply chains. Being aware of the myriad vulnerabilities within our codebase is becoming more and more important for developers to understand in our “shift-left” world. The OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities haven’t changed in a long time, because none of us seem to get it right. In this workshop we will take a journey through the entire SDLC with a critical eye on security. We’ll look at how to implement secure coding practices, and then move on to discuss the ins and outs of modern continuous integration. After we lock down our CI pipelines, we’ll look at how to find vulnerabilities in our dependencies. Armed with that information we’ll learn how to properly triage threats, exploits, vulnerabilities that affect our software, and how to streamline code improvements. Before we’re done, we’ll investigate modern processes for continuous deployment, including secure infrastructure as code development and how to lock down our CD pipelines. This workshop will get hands-on with a simple, streamlined approach to deploying code to the cloud while diving deep into essential concepts related to software security.



Jamie Lee Coleman

Jamie is a Developer Advocate for Sonatype formally IBM, based in the UK. He talks about the importance of security in software, improving developer productivity and raising awareness about energy ...