Machine learning 101: Where to begin?

In this presentation, we will explore the fundamentals of machine learning and provide guidance on how to get started with building machine learning models. We will start by introducing machine learning and its applications, and then discuss the different types of machine learning algorithms.

We will then dive into the key steps involved in building a machine learning model, starting with defining the problem and collecting and preprocessing the data. We will discuss how to choose the right algorithm for the problem and optimize it for the best performance through model selection and training.

Throughout the presentation, we will provide examples of real-world applications of machine learning to help the audience understand the practical implications of this technology. We will conclude by summarizing the key takeaways from the presentation and offering resources for further learning.

By the end of the presentation, the audience should have a good understanding of the basics of machine learning and the key steps involved in building an effective machine learning model. They will also have resources at their disposal to continue learning and exploring this exciting field.



Lutske de Leeuw

Lutske de Leeuw is a Software Engineer at Luminis. A full-stack engineer with focus on Java and Angular. Loves machine learning, boardgames and cats. Wants to share knowledge, so everybody can benefit ...