Nameless Kubernetes Clusters. This is the Way.

Whoops! You didn’t REALLY know the consequences of your decisions when you created that cluster, and now it will be your life-long friend. So you are stuck with a super popular CIDR range, that CNI you thought you loved turned out to be way too chatty, and the Kubernetes version you are running is no longer for this world. Fear not, there are steps you can take to separate the cluster from your platform. This talk is going to focus on some steps that will keep you out of a long term commitment with your Clusters. * Automate your infrastructure. * Flatten your network across all clusters. * Make services discoverable across clusters. * Define Cluster Types with labels and a Cluster Registry. * Establish Trust with a Unified Identity Provider. * Centralize Security and Policy configs.



Nicholas Eberts

Product manager for GKE Fleets.Product manager for GKE Fleets.