Best Practices for On Call Teams

On call rotation. Three words that can strike fear into the hearts of engineers everywhere. Doing on call badly is easy but damaging to your team. We’ll talk about some ways to make on call better and less stressful.

The always-on, always-available expectations of digital services have increased the requirements of technical teams to provide response and readiness around the clock. For teams new to this concept, introducing on-call ownership can be difficult and complex. On-call management is key to PagerDuty’s service, but the non-technical aspects are important for teams to consider. This talk will cover the organizational practices that will help your team transition to on-call responders and build a supportive response culture, regardless of the technical platforms your teams utilize.



Mandi Walls

Mandi Walls is a DevOps Advocate at PagerDuty. For PagerDuty, she helps organizations along their IT Modernization journey. Prior to PagerDuty, she worked at Chef Software and AOL. She is an ...