Devops is dead and other myths

By now we’ve all heard that DevOps is dead… again. I would like to argue that no matter what has killed DevOps is it’s the DevOps culture that really matters. And that buzzwords tech fads won’t save you for the hard truths.

It’s a common refrain that Developers don’t like working on infrastructure. It may even be mostly true. But that doesn’t absolve them from having an understanding of an environment that is not their laptop. Operations isn’t just infrastructure or some mystical platform; many people throughout the business have a vested interest in understanding how efficiently and securely their products are running.

Despite repeated claims that “DevOps is Dead”, and with a wide variety of causes, the need for collaboration among different skill sets is needed. Engineers who can “do it all” are rare, expensive, and in high demand. Unless you have a talent for finding and retaining Unicorns, you’re better off facilitating cross team collaboration and training current talent.

In this session I will tell you about why it’s important to democratize and share your data, Why having every team work towards unifying goals is a recipe for success, and how eliminating fear and barriers will help retain top talent.



Scott Mabe

Scott Mabe is a Technical Enablement Manager at Datadog, and lives in Baltimore Maryland. He has been working in tech for close to 20 years. In a past life Scott has been a radio dj .When he’s not ...