It's Elementary, My Dear Kubernetes! Using Rancher's Elemental To Deploy Kubernetes At The Edge

The Elemental Toolkit provides the building blocks necessary to mint small immutable Linux operating systems based on an upstream flavor of your choice. The immutability and light footprint make Elemental OSes ideal for edge deployments. Rancher takes this a step further with its OS Management capabilities providing you with the features necessary to rapidly bootstrap Kubernetes clusters anywhere. In this 30-minute session. Eamon will take you through how an Elemental OS is built, why it is useful, and how to create your own. He will then demonstrate bootstrapping an entire Kubernetes cluster on bare metal from nothing more than an ISO and some configuration details. Attend this session if you want to learn how to easily provision and manage Kubernetes at the edge.



Eamon Bauman

Eamon is a Field Engineer at SUSE where he focuses on Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies. He is the primary maintainer of the browser-based learning tool HobbyFarm and contributes to other open ...