Curating a Platform Experience

In the DevOps and SRE community, there’s a buzz about product-focused platform teams. Teams not only managing their platforms, pipelines and tooling as a product. But, helping development teams go fast by reducing time to market and operational complexity. There are lots of talks/articles on why and how to build a platform, but they miss the details of one of the most important components – your users. One of the key principles of a platform team is curating a user experience – but what does that even mean? and more importantly, when you’ve worked that out, how do you do it? how do you know if it’s a success? Andy is part of the Kubernetes platform squad at Flutter UK and Ireland, since its inception in 2016 the platform has been widely adopted across the business. In 2019 Andy was asked to head up a newly formed Platform Customer Experience team to help with some of the growing pains of a successful product and help increase its adoption. This talk explains what the customer experience team did, starting from scratch they how have attained glowing feedback and recommendations from across the business. Andy will explain the practical things that were done, what worked (and what didn’t) and how the focus of the team has evolved over the past three years and what’s next.



Andy Burgin

Andy is Principal Platform Engineer at Flutter UK and Ireland. He considers himself a Kubernetes and DevRel fettler, spending a far too much of his spare time making Raspberry Pis do things they ...