How to unf*ck the monolith

There’s always one project where it"s just too big - too interconnected - to handle. It was a labour of love, growing from its innocent ‘microservices architecture, honest’ origins. Over time more and more stuff was needed. It was easier just to bung it all in the same place. We’re good developers right? We must be doing this right!? After all google does it! This talk is about monoliths: how they happen; the reasons people like them (that often turn out to be pitfalls); and most importantly, how do we stop them from taking three years to build when you have an urgent change you need to deploy right now. It will go through examples and common themes that I’ve seen while breaking apart monoliths and fixing both build and deploy pipelines to make the development process a nicer place to be again.



Kat Samperi

Kat has been coding since she was 8 years old, and hated repeatedly typing the same thing, over and over - so that she could play specific levels of Doom. Since then, Kat has achieved a PhD in AI and ...