Data Pipelines for Operational Metrics

We have operational metrics everywhere. These are often siloed with the system providing the service and/or don’t keep enough history to identify longer-term trends. In order to help answer more strategic questions, we want to combine this data behind a single pane of glass and look for trends and insights to help understand pain points, areas requiring optimization, and business risk.

This talk covers both how OM1 built a pipeline (as-code) with open-source tooling that pulls data from commonly used devops platforms including monitoring data, security insights, CI/CD data, test and quality data, cost and usage data, incident response data and issue tracking data and the interesting key insights we found on the way.



Neil Davies

VP Engineering at OM1. Habitual startup VP and have been solving problems with data for the last 20+ years, with a large chunk of that in the Healthcare tech space. Cat Dad, mixologist, and badminton player.