Fifteen Years of Excess Has Lead to the DevOps Hangover

Engineering and development teams, from startups to large corporations, have faced hard economic events over the last 12 months. Large-scale layoffs and company restructuring have forced teams to “do more with less” while building, scaling, and operating large-scale systems. Yet progress still needs to be made, and value still needs to be shown higher up the chain.

After years of consuming countless tools and services to maintain high levels of performance and security, with little oversight for design or costs, the DevOps hangover is real. The average company continues to use well over 100+ SaaS tools, and many companies are still investing in new tools and technologies to help them weather the current economic storm (Battery Report 2023).

The teams who can take this time to assess and streamline their arsenal will be the ones who emerge on the other side, cutting costs and improving efficiency, while gaining a competitive advantage.

We’ll discuss the need to wake up from the DevOps hangover and find solutions to a healthier way of life, including designing systems, documenting code, and improving the developer experience.



Pete Cheslock


Pete is currently the Head of Growth And Community for AppMap, the open source dynamic runtime code analyzer. Pete also works with early stage startups, helping them navigate the complex world of new