DevOps Reframed: Embracing the Path to Developer Productivity Engineering

Building on the success of DevOps practices, which already employ the Theory of Constraints to tackle bottlenecks, Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) emerges as the next natural progression. DPE takes a step further by optimizing workflows, automating tasks, and providing real-time feedback to developers, keeping software delivery nimble and efficient.

In this engaging talk, we’ll explore how DPE enhances the DevOps framework, streamlining the development process throughout the software delivery lifecycle. See why mastering DPE is essential for all engineers, including Platform and Site Reliability Engineers, as it aligns with core principles like reducing toil, promoting automation, and implementing observability, all while keeping bottlenecks at bay.

With a touch of wit and insight, learn practical tips to harness DPE’s power and elevate your software development game. Join us as we reframe the DevOps landscape, revealing the importance of DPE as the next step in our software development evolution, ensuring continued success and growth by effectively managing constraints and bottlenecks.



Baruch Sadogursky

Principal Developer Productivity Engineering Advocate, Gradle

Baruch Sadogursky (@jbaruch) did Java before it had generics, DevOps before there was Docker, and DevRel before it had a name. He started