Your Developer Super-power: Data Storytelling

Data storytelling is the real-world skill of translating numbers and analyses into things normal humans can (and want to) understand. It’s a skill that’s hard to find and difficult to cultivate, because storytelling is an art and a science. If you think in Venn diagrams, imagine the circle of really excellent storytellers that make you want to pay attention, like Steven Spielberg or Walt Disney. Layer on top of that another circle of people – people that really get numbers. They organize their lives in spreadsheets and databases.

Now try to see the overlap of those two groups. The ones who think in numbers … and speak in stories. It’s a rare combination. Those are the data storytellers. You can think of them like the glue that holds together data and people that can actually do something with it. What if your organization doesn’t have enough glue? How can employees today start down the path of storytelling and making those connections?

In this session, you will learn the basics of entering into the world of data storytellers, by talking about making data engaging and fun, making data relatable, and making data actionable.



Becky Gandillion

Data strategist, storyteller, and mom

Becky Gandillon is the Practice Lead for Data & Analytics for Centric Consulting in St. Louis, and she specializes in data storytelling, data strategy and