Transcending Observability: A Dive into the Future of Logging with OpenTelemetry

In the exciting landscape of distributed systems and cloud-native applications, observability has become more than a luxury; it is an absolute necessity. In this comprehensive talk, we delve into the transformative potential of OpenTelemetry to not only enhance but revolutionize application logging. Despite tracing and metrics adoption being relatively small, logging remains omnipresent. OpenTelemetry recognizes this and is poised to redefine application logging while preserving the familiar terrain for developers.

We will explore the sophisticated mechanics of OpenTelemetry’s interoperability with popular logging frameworks, demonstrating how developers can leverage it as a log signal output seamlessly. In an era of vendor-agnostic and open-source logging APIs, OpenTelemetry offers a unique opportunity to augment the inherent value of existing logging workflows.



David Hope

Director, Observability Product Marketing at Elastic

David Hope specializes in observability. Having solved many problems with observability tools in previous roles in Financial Services (and gathered