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Although English will be the primary language of the conference, we will have some of the talks in Spanish.

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Friday 28th
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How to succeed in a IT start up working only 4 days a week

Ana Jiménez Valbuena and Juan López (Clevergy)

Spanish Medium
Talk description

We have been able to deliver a success, powerful and useful app working 4 days per week and remotely in only 4 months. What is our secret? Some good practices and mindset that we are applying.

TDD, pair programming, CI/CD, TBD as our basic rules helped as to build an efficient and interesting tech application based on DDD and evolutionary architecture where data has a strong role to make decisions not only in business but in software. The key point is to be agile and deliver as soon as possible, failing fast and taking decisions in the last responsible moment, knowing that perfection is the enemy of good and having feedback and trust as normal behaviour within the team.

We are building a powerful tech team and application and we want to share our secret with the community.

About the speakers

Ana Jiménez, Software Engineer at Clevergy. With several years of experience in the IT sector working in different fields and consulting companies as a full stack developer. Ana, focused on tech teams’ ways of working and code best practices, is currently part of the Clevergy’s tech team.

Juan López, CTO at Clevergy. He is a Software Engineer with 15 years of experience in the sector, working in diverse ecosystems and projects, from startups to large consulting companies, as a tech lead, project lead, and as a software engineer. Juan leads the technology area at Clevergy as an expert in distributed systems, data and artificial intelligence.

10:30 - 11:15

Human vs AI: How to ship secure code

Joseph Katsioloudes (GitHub)

English Medium
Talk description

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already acting as a copilot in our daily lives, acting as a digital assistant or providing personalized experiences. Despite progress in many other areas, AI has historically stopped short of improving software development practices. Enter GitHub Copilot: the software industry’s first artificial intelligence solution that distills the collective knowledge of the world’s developers into an editor extension that suggests code in real time. ChatGPT then took the world by storm with its conversational capabilities and public reactions have been quite telling.

This makes the process of building great software easier and faster, but what about more secure? In this session, we’ll demonstrate how GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT can help developers write more secure code through real-world use cases. The audience will come away with tips and best practices from the lessons we learned from experimenting with the tools.

About the speaker

Joseph Katsioloudes and his team at the GitHub Security Lab work at the forefront of Open Source Security that they shape every day through research and education. Joseph chose this career path because from a very young age, security was his own way to provide ethical and dedicated service to organisations and the society as a whole. He holds two engineering degrees, a Bachelors of Engineering in Computing from Imperial College London and a Masters in Cyber Security Engineering from the University of Warwick.

His most recent contributions include video content made specifically for software developers interested in growing their security skillset, where he offers tips and simplifies security. Previous highlights include a combined of 20 talks and workshops in 2022 as a first-time speaker, a zero-day vulnerability for a Top 10 Cryptocurrency in 2018 as part of his university Thesis and open-source contributions to OSINT & Blockchain.

11:15 - 12:00
Coffee break
Coffee break
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12:45 - 13-30

Getting Best Out of Team Exploratory Testing Sessions

Julia Durán (Glofox)

Spanish Medium
Talk description

In DevOps, all of the tasks involved in the development and deployment of the code are highly automated. But there is a task manually performed that can provide us with very valuable insights. In the talk, Julia will present the Team Exploratory Testing Sessions, in which different roles within the team (Product Manager, Designer, Developers, Testers, SRE Team) are involved. All together will put themselves in the Tester’s shoes, testing at the same time the current feature in a common session. In that journey, led by the tester, they will identify not only issues but also possible improvements and proposals for future development, while learning because of the knowledge and expertise all of them share during the session.

About the speaker

Llevo trabajando más de 18 años en el sector tecnológico, de los cuales he dedicado más de 16 años al Testing. Recientemente le he dado un giro a mi carrera profesional, dejando las tareas de gestión y volviendo a realizar tareas de Testing, que es mi pasión!. Siempre trabajo con orientación a resultados y creo en el aprendizaje continuo. Para mejorar los proyectos en los que participo, me encanta experimentar y encontrar cambios que generen mejoras. Mi actitud y mentalidad positiva en todas las situaciones me permiten sacar lo mejor de las personas que trabajan conmigo. Ser una organizadora voluntaria de la European Testing Conference durante las 3 últimas ediciones, formar parte de un equipo multidisciplinario y multicultural, distribuido en varias zonas horarias y colaborar en un idioma que no hablo de forma nativa me dio una nueva perspectiva de hacia dónde quería dirigir mi carrera profesional. Finalmente, lo he conseguido! En continua actualización de mis habilidades técnicas, formándome en Automatización de Pruebas y Pruebas Exploratorias.

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