Getting Best Out of Team Exploratory Testing Sessions

Spanish Medium

In DevOps, all of the tasks involved in the development and deployment of the code are highly automated. But there is a task manually performed that can provide us with very valuable insights. In the talk, Julia will present the Team Exploratory Testing Sessions, in which different roles within the team (Product Manager, Designer, Developers, Testers, SRE Team) are involved. All together will put themselves in the Tester’s shoes, testing at the same time the current feature in a common session. In that journey, led by the tester, they will identify not only issues but also possible improvements and proposals for future development, while learning because of the knowledge and expertise all of them share during the session.



Julia Durán


Llevo trabajando más de 18 años en el sector tecnológico, de los cuales he dedicado más de 16 años al Testing. Recientemente le he dado un giro a mi carrera profesional, dejando las tareas de